I got this firefox plugin called Performancing that puts a little icon in the bottom corner of my browser and lets me post to my journal without going to the LJ website or using another program. I'm testing it now. Pretty handy!
Since some lovely ebayer purchased my Nintendo DS and games at the Buy It Now price I listed, [livejournal.com profile] shiranti and I talked ourselves into buying ourselves an early xmas present for ourselves, so we bought a Nintendo Wii. It's mad fun!

It came with Wii Sports and we got Wii Play with the second remote and got Rayman Ravin Rabbids today, which is so bloody funny with all the psycho bunnies armed with plungers :) Good thing I've got some holidays coming up, going to work will be a major inconvenience in my gaming schedule!
I received an email from one of the doctors at work today re the Save Careflight campaign. If you're in Australia (particularly NSW) please take a minute to read the following and consider lending your support to this campaign.

Please visit www.careflight.org to download petition forms and obtain contact info for your local member.

Copied from the email:
To correct a few myths, the doctors are not walking out. They are being sacked. Careflight will not exist after Dec 31st. There will be no company to resign from.

Careflight have presented a very workable solution to the government yet they treat the organisation with contempt. There are significant issues with the high quality of health care that careflight provide not being continued under the new private profit making venture. The uniqueness of Careflight was the fact of no bottom line, all money was spent on patient care.

If you support the current campaign, please go to the website, start a petition, email your local member, print out the posters and display them and make some noise.

Please visit www.careflight.org to download petition forms and obtain contact info for your local member.

Save Careflight


Dec. 13th, 2006 11:19 pm
I'm usually a bit behind the times, so you may all already know about this but I just found a site called Listal where you can list all the books, dvds, cds etc you own/want/trade etc. It's still in beta, but looks to me like it will be pretty good.

Sign up and be added to my friend list
I'm going to cheat slightly and start my 100 50 book challenge in my Christmas holidays, so this will be the post I keep updated.

Edit: 100 may be slightly ambitious since I don't get to read in my lunch break anymore, so I'm aiming for 50.

1. Where the Heart Is
Bille Letts
BookCrossing book ring. I had seen the movie and quite liked it so thought I'd give the book a try and it was much better than the movie. Still it felt like I had to rush through it so I could send to next person.

2. The Secret Life of Bees
Sue Monk Kidd
BookCrossing book ring.

3. Anybody Out There?
Marian Keyes
BookCrossing book ring. I expected this to be just another chick lit but it was surprisingly really good!

4. The Life of Pi
Yann Martel
BookCrossing book ring. Totally surprising read, very addictive and highly recommended.

5. The Book Thief
Markus Zusak
BookCrossing book ring. It's supposed to be a young adult book but I loved it. So much I'm going to buy it.

6. Only Forward
Michael Marshall-Smith
BookCrossing book ring. Totally hilarious sci fi adventure. Top read.

7. The Book of Fred
Abby Bardi
BookCrossing book ring. Currently reading.

Hannibal Rising
Thomas Harris
Christmas present. Every time I try to read it another book ring turns up. Maybe by next Christmas I will have finished it. Probably quicker to rent the DVD.
via [livejournal.com profile] calyx

List six of your favorite TV shows and answer the following questions.

1. The West Wing
2. Veronica Mars
3. Gilmore Girls
4. Studio 60 on Sunset Strip
5. Bones
6. Dexter

The answers )


Dec. 8th, 2006 01:47 am
I'm very much liking my new header, made by [livejournal.com profile] dinadrama and pinched by me. I'm very much feeling the LoVe.


Oct. 13th, 2006 01:00 am
I'm writing a research proposal for uni, particularly fun given I had about four hours sleep last night and even Krispy Kreme mochas are not helping ... anyhow my topic is internet privacy, specifically the collection of identifying information via the Internet (through cookies, registrations, searching etc) and legal/ethical considerations in the collection and use of this information. But ... I can't come up with a good title! Overall I think I did a pretty impressive job this time around (if I do say so myself) but I think it needs a snappy title. Any suggestion please?
So I've been contemplating the assignment that is due on Sunday and realised I have no idea what I'm doing. I have to create a survey for use in Orientation Week at university for first time students, asking about their attitudes and experiences with the internet. Sounds easy, but still I'm not sure what questions to ask. I also have to do a research proposal by next weekend which I haven't started yet. Hmmmm.

So while I was procrastinating I was thinking about what units to do next and the ones I still need for my degree are being offered in weird study periods next year, so it will probably take me another 18 months to finish since I have to do some in order. I was thinking of enrolling in another degree to do at the same time, specifically design. So I looked up the local uni and they have a pretty good one, but UAC apps have closed and I would have to pay about $150 to apply with no guarantee I would get in. *sigh* Maybe in 2008.

Glass Bead Makers: Wiggles Doin' the Laundry Challenge

Using the colours from any of the characters of the Wiggles come up with bead or beads to relate to the Wiggles Doin' the Laundry. Any size any technique.
Closes 26th October.
For more info visit the challenge post at the Glass Bead Makers Forum.
I know this sounds like a paid advertisement, but it's really just good news with a little referral pimping. I recently switched webhosts to Dreamhost after hearing good things. Well yesterday they sent out a newsletter and to celebrate their 9th birthday they have increased limits, so I now have 200GB storage and 2056GB transfer. *kisses for DH*. The limits also increase every week as long as your account is active.

They are also beta testing a new file sharing/selling service called Files Forever which looks pretty good, unfortunately the files have to be over 1mb at this stage, so it won't work for little things. But still, sounds neat.

So you can go sign up now at DreamHost or you can get $50 off a 1 or 2 year hosting plan by entering the code DMLJFRIENDS at DreamHost.

24 ...

Oct. 4th, 2006 10:12 pm
*double take*
OMG, Fox8 are going to show 24 Season 5 in double episodes with no ads every Thursday at 8.30pm. I almost cannot believe that we're seeing a show before it comes out on DVD in the US.
*sets iq with series link and squees*
I'm usually pretty careful with where I use internet banking and changing my password frequently, but last night my mum told me that her net banking had been suspended and when she called the bank they said someone had tried to log in with several passwords and so it was locked. So I figured it was time to change my passwords just in case ... never can be too careful right? So I logged in to my net banking tonight and couldn't get in! I almost had heart failure but I might have just typed it wrong cause it worked the second time and I quickly changed it. But now I'm a bit freaked out so I must investigate banks with a little more security.

Anyhoooooo I have a totally boring uni assignment to work on, creating a survey for first year undergrads about their attitudes towards the internet. Fun or what?
Went shopping today and brought a new 80g iPod video ... pretty :) Unfortunately they didn't have any black ones and being the impatient little bugger that I am I couldn't wait so I got the white one. Now I'm going to spend all arvo subscribing to video podcasts because I can't afford to buy any videos until I've paid the amex used to buy it! It's a shame that I can't buy tv shows from iTunes, but probably fortunate given the lack of cash right now. I'm going to crack open the piggy bank tonight and see how much is in there.

Speaking of money, does anyone have a visa debit card they would recommend? I used to have one with St George and I now have an ANZ one, but they both take so long for transactions to go through on internet banking that I never know quite how much money I have. Yes, yes, I could keep better track of it, but that's what net banking is for! :D
Anyone know of a good webhost? I'm sick of mine and want to switch asap so please let me know if you have any recommendations.
Happy birthday to one of my newest friends listers, [livejournal.com profile] slybeer!



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