I really must catch up on my reading. The plan was to read 50-100 books this year, but I've only read 3 so far. I was going to see Hannibal Rising after I had read the book but haven't even started it yet! I went to the post office this morning and another 4 books have arrived ... 1 BC book ring, 2 BC RABCKs and 1 mooch from BookMooch, they are going straight on the very large TBR pile. Why can't there be more reading time and less work time?

I might have more reading time if I wasn't obsessed with tv box sets. Supernatural Season 1 for $26 = very happy me.

I'm contemplating switching ISPs, so if you have any recommendations please let me know. I'm currently with Optus Cable on a 12/24G plan for $67 per month with every third month free. I would like similar pricing but better down/up speeds ... Optus is way too slow these days. Thanks!
I got this firefox plugin called Performancing that puts a little icon in the bottom corner of my browser and lets me post to my journal without going to the LJ website or using another program. I'm testing it now. Pretty handy!
I'm usually pretty careful with where I use internet banking and changing my password frequently, but last night my mum told me that her net banking had been suspended and when she called the bank they said someone had tried to log in with several passwords and so it was locked. So I figured it was time to change my passwords just in case ... never can be too careful right? So I logged in to my net banking tonight and couldn't get in! I almost had heart failure but I might have just typed it wrong cause it worked the second time and I quickly changed it. But now I'm a bit freaked out so I must investigate banks with a little more security.

Anyhoooooo I have a totally boring uni assignment to work on, creating a survey for first year undergrads about their attitudes towards the internet. Fun or what?



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