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Aug. 14th, 2008 03:14 pm
Wow it's been ages since I posted here. Slacker.

So I was just emailing my degree coordinator about enrolling directly with Curtin next year instead of going through OUA and discovered through many emails back and forth that all of my electives completed to date will be accepted so I only have 6 units left to do. YAY!!!! I'm doing two more with OUA this year then assuming I'm accepted to Curtin I will do three units in 1st semester and 2 units (covering 1 project so technically only 1 unit) in 2nd semester. They give you holidays and everything :O So by end of 2009 I will finally be done, will have an official BA Internet Studies and can have my life back. *sigh of relief*

Blah ...

May. 12th, 2007 02:09 pm
Been a while since I posted, or read my friends page, sorry. I'm a bit overwhelmed with uni work so I've been trying to stay offline and focus on the work. It's not working! Apart from the stress of getting two portfolios done I'm also stressing about the next semester when I have to write three essays on visual culture for one unit. Blah! Here's hoping I can get it all done and have one weekend to myself before the next semester starts.

Anyhoooooo Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow to all my Mum friends :)
Yay for time differences! I thought I was submitting my first printmaking assessment late, but realised that Perth is two hours behind so it was on time ... just. Of course I got an email back to say it was undeliverable so now I'm going to have to call them on Tuesday and figure out how to get it to them, but I have the proof I submitted it so I dare them to give me trouble :|

I've spent the whole day making monotypes and lino prints, having just spent the last week frantically sewing and embellishing for my textiles submission I'm exhausted. Yay for long weekends!

Some prints if you're interested )


Oct. 13th, 2006 01:00 am
I'm writing a research proposal for uni, particularly fun given I had about four hours sleep last night and even Krispy Kreme mochas are not helping ... anyhow my topic is internet privacy, specifically the collection of identifying information via the Internet (through cookies, registrations, searching etc) and legal/ethical considerations in the collection and use of this information. But ... I can't come up with a good title! Overall I think I did a pretty impressive job this time around (if I do say so myself) but I think it needs a snappy title. Any suggestion please?
So I've been contemplating the assignment that is due on Sunday and realised I have no idea what I'm doing. I have to create a survey for use in Orientation Week at university for first time students, asking about their attitudes and experiences with the internet. Sounds easy, but still I'm not sure what questions to ask. I also have to do a research proposal by next weekend which I haven't started yet. Hmmmm.

So while I was procrastinating I was thinking about what units to do next and the ones I still need for my degree are being offered in weird study periods next year, so it will probably take me another 18 months to finish since I have to do some in order. I was thinking of enrolling in another degree to do at the same time, specifically design. So I looked up the local uni and they have a pretty good one, but UAC apps have closed and I would have to pay about $150 to apply with no guarantee I would get in. *sigh* Maybe in 2008.
I'm usually pretty careful with where I use internet banking and changing my password frequently, but last night my mum told me that her net banking had been suspended and when she called the bank they said someone had tried to log in with several passwords and so it was locked. So I figured it was time to change my passwords just in case ... never can be too careful right? So I logged in to my net banking tonight and couldn't get in! I almost had heart failure but I might have just typed it wrong cause it worked the second time and I quickly changed it. But now I'm a bit freaked out so I must investigate banks with a little more security.

Anyhoooooo I have a totally boring uni assignment to work on, creating a survey for first year undergrads about their attitudes towards the internet. Fun or what?



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