May. 6th, 2009 11:41 am
Anyone need a dreamwidth invite code? If so leave me a comment (comments are screened) and I'll reply asap.

Yada Nada

Aug. 14th, 2008 03:14 pm
Wow it's been ages since I posted here. Slacker.

So I was just emailing my degree coordinator about enrolling directly with Curtin next year instead of going through OUA and discovered through many emails back and forth that all of my electives completed to date will be accepted so I only have 6 units left to do. YAY!!!! I'm doing two more with OUA this year then assuming I'm accepted to Curtin I will do three units in 1st semester and 2 units (covering 1 project so technically only 1 unit) in 2nd semester. They give you holidays and everything :O So by end of 2009 I will finally be done, will have an official BA Internet Studies and can have my life back. *sigh of relief*


Apr. 1st, 2008 06:52 pm
I'm crazy for buttons and a swap partner from Ravelry sent me these fantastic specimens.

Apparently they come from a shop called Buttonmania in Melbourne, have to visit next time I'm down that way.

Blah ...

May. 12th, 2007 02:09 pm
Been a while since I posted, or read my friends page, sorry. I'm a bit overwhelmed with uni work so I've been trying to stay offline and focus on the work. It's not working! Apart from the stress of getting two portfolios done I'm also stressing about the next semester when I have to write three essays on visual culture for one unit. Blah! Here's hoping I can get it all done and have one weekend to myself before the next semester starts.

Anyhoooooo Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow to all my Mum friends :)
Sydney-siders, get your wristband for the Rockin' for Rights March and Concert on Sunday 22nd April for $5 each. Today is the last day to have wristbands mailed out to you.

i heart you am i

Yay for time differences! I thought I was submitting my first printmaking assessment late, but realised that Perth is two hours behind so it was on time ... just. Of course I got an email back to say it was undeliverable so now I'm going to have to call them on Tuesday and figure out how to get it to them, but I have the proof I submitted it so I dare them to give me trouble :|

I've spent the whole day making monotypes and lino prints, having just spent the last week frantically sewing and embellishing for my textiles submission I'm exhausted. Yay for long weekends!

Some prints if you're interested )
via [livejournal.com profile] lab_brat

Get two egyptian cotton 550gsm face washers free. No purchase necessary and they even cover the postage costs!


For Aussies only, sorry!
Obsessed Robot Watches Car Go By

But He Has Bud Light

Rock Paper Scissors
I really must catch up on my reading. The plan was to read 50-100 books this year, but I've only read 3 so far. I was going to see Hannibal Rising after I had read the book but haven't even started it yet! I went to the post office this morning and another 4 books have arrived ... 1 BC book ring, 2 BC RABCKs and 1 mooch from BookMooch, they are going straight on the very large TBR pile. Why can't there be more reading time and less work time?

I might have more reading time if I wasn't obsessed with tv box sets. Supernatural Season 1 for $26 = very happy me.

I'm contemplating switching ISPs, so if you have any recommendations please let me know. I'm currently with Optus Cable on a 12/24G plan for $67 per month with every third month free. I would like similar pricing but better down/up speeds ... Optus is way too slow these days. Thanks!
This might not be news to some, but I've just discovered www.bookmooch.com where you can list the books you're willing to give away and get points for doing so, which you can then use to mooch other books. I've already mooched two books so I'm pretty happy so far! It's international too, unlike PBS. My username at bookmooch is katfysh if you want to see my inventory (only small at the moment).
To the writers of the Gilmore Girls,
I did not like that ending very much at all thank you. Please re-write, re-shoot and re-air.
Thank you.
I went to the movies yesterday to see The Pursuit of Happyness, after trying unsuccessfully to see it since it came out. It was scheduled to start at 1.30pm, they played ads for half an hour and it finally started at 2.10pm, then it went for two hours so about halfway through I was fidgety and had a numb bum. But it was still quite good, Will Smith's kid is super cute :)

There isn't much else coming out that I want to see. I wonder if the moonlight cinema is still running ...

Icons ...

Jan. 19th, 2007 04:29 pm
via [livejournal.com profile] lab_brat

Reply to this post, and I will tell you which of your icons is my favorite. Then post this on your own journal using your own favorite icon.
I'm watching an MTV low rider marathon and currently on is an episode of Fast Inc which I've never seen before but Christian Camargo (Rudy in Dexter) is part of the show.

Hot cars and hot guys, doesn't get any better really!
I haven't updated in ages and now I'm spamming you all! :D Sorry. Anyhow I'm super excited because I just got an email from Amazon that they're accepting pre-orders for ...

*adds to wishlist*
I'm taking a week off work at the moment and everyone has gone away and left me at home alone. It's great cause it's the first time I've had the house to myself for more than one day. So to take advantage of being able to make noise at all hours I made lists, lots of lists. Things to do ... things to watch ... things to read. So far I haven't done any of it. I did get the guitar out and dusted it off to practice, but I can't tune it so I put it back. I lined up all the books I have to read, but haven't opened a single one. I put the silicon covers on the Wii remotes, but haven't played it. So what have I been doing you might ask? YouTube-ing. Seriously. I spent about three hours today just watching vids. Crazy addictive.

Before that I was working on my sewing skills and made this handbag (a variation of this tutorial) a little while ago. While it could do with ironing and I haven't sewn the felt flowers down yet, I quite like it.

More pics of various crafty projects )

I got some really cute black material with cherries on it yesterday, so I think I'll start another one tonight!

In the year 2007 I resolve to:
Cause more road rage.

Get your resolution here.



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